Build me up, Buttercup

People have been very nice to me with lots of cards and flowers and so on arriving.

A lily arrangement in a pot with a balloon arrived on Saturday lunchtime.

Shortly after that, I had a parcel containing a Peepster Selection of chocolate from Hotel Chocolat. Those were from my dog, or so says the card anyway…

Later that day a knock at the door heralded the arrival of a bright and cheerful purple orange and pink arrangement in a vase.

More flowers were delivered unexpectedly this afternoon, which are now brightening up my windowsill:
Cut Flowers

The week before my op, my sister gave me a very nice selection of Molton Brown goodies in a bag, and the accompanying note did actually make me laugh out loud:

A little something for your hospital stay, or your next holiday; you decide.

I wish I could make you all better, but only you and the docs can do that… Good news is at least I can make you smell better!!

Love ya, lully big sis xxxx

OK, well at least we’re nice and clear that I’m the big stinker round here! 😉

The hedgehog then felt she needed to get in on the gift-giving and dropped off some presents on my lap this evening. Being pooped on by a hedgehog wasn’t part of my recovery plan I have to admit.