It’s the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine)

It’s interesting how people mark the passing of time with milestones and how we assign more significance to some of those milestones than to others. Ultimately, it’s all about the perspective that someone has at any particular moment in time. That perspective can and will change. Having had so many significant milestones happen recently, I…More

Lust for life

Dear Alice, It’s time to say thanks and to make plans. 2012 was the year you learned to kick some cancer arse, and you did it yourself. I know it’s been so, so hard to keep going with the effects of the treatment to endure, heartbreaks and heartaches and the disruption of not being able…More

Food, glorious food

I can’t tell you the happiness involved in finding that food and drink tastes normal again! I feel very sympathetic towards old folks that have lost their sense of smell and can no longer enjoy their food. Being able to enjoy the flavours and smells of food and talk about food and drink is an…More

Pink moon is on its way

So this weekend’s been better than last. On Friday, I managed to nurse a pineapple juice and a water for an hour with the gang from work in the pub. On Saturday I… um… well I slept in a bit and I cooked up a steak ciabatta for tea. But that’s better than nowt. Then today… better…More

Sous le ciel de Paris

What an amazing few weeks! I had an extra week off after treatment number 4 – meaning I could have a week away in Paris, then a few days in Brighton at conferences and events, before having the first of 4 Taxotere treatments (once I’d finished enjoying myself – get the priorities straight, right?). Paris…More