Your story

It hurts our hearts that you are gone,

and this is now the end

of the story of a lovely wife,

mother, grandma, sister, friend.

You’re spoken of in such fond ways,

by everyone you’ve met.

Your kindness and your lovely smile

they never will forget.

You’re still here in our photographs;

In voicemails on the phone.

We’ll read your cards and letters,

so we won’t feel we’re alone.

We have memories of happier times,

when we were all together…

We’ll keep your story front of mind,

and in our hearts forever.

Poem by AliceWhatsTheMatter

(A.K.A. PrincessPea & A.K.A Jools) 

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  1. Bev Newton says:

    beautiful words as always – and yes brought a tear xxxx

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