Your story

It hurts our hearts that you are gone, and this is now the end of the story of a lovely wife, mother, grandma, sister, friend. You’re spoken of in such fond ways, by everyone you’ve met. Your kindness and your lovely smile they never will forget. You’re still here in our photographs; In voicemails on…More

I’m still looking up

A little while back I wrote about the power of being able to discuss with like-minded people how we feel about our diagnosis and treatment. It truly is a life-saver for your sanity because there are so many strange and new things to think about, find out about and decide on, both before during and after treatment – and it’s quite…More

Happy Father’s Day, Dad

The thing about Dads: They’re invincible, see… They don’t like to stay home With a cough or a sneeze. They tell a great story, love making you laugh; No matter the challenge, they don’t do things by half. Whenever there’s trouble, Dads won’t make a fuss: They fix things in a jiffy, Dads know magical…More

Here’s a wish (poem)

Picture now, if you will, a girl sat on a plastic chair; Some flowers on the windowsill, her mother, frightened, lying there.   Mother and father worked so hard to raise their daughters every day, and now it seems that life’s reward is their retirement, snatched away.   In hospital there’s nothing subtle: Lights so harsh…More

All you have to do is call

Dear Mum and Dad Hello! There, that seems innocuous enough, doesn’t it. As I don’t know where to start, I’ll start somewhere fun. It’s been nice to spend a bit of time with you over the last few months for all the good reasons we’ve had to get together; what with my 40th birthday party,…More