Happy Father’s Day, Dad

The thing about Dads:

They’re invincible, see…

They don’t like to stay home

With a cough or a sneeze.

They tell a great story,

love making you laugh;

No matter the challenge,

they don’t do things by half.

Whenever there’s trouble,

Dads won’t make a fuss:

They fix things in a jiffy,

Dads know magical stuff.

They’re quietly awesome,

So gentle and wise.

We love to impress them,

Earning one of their smiles.

A father is someone

we’ll fight to defend;

Our hero, and mentor,

our most loyal friend.

Happy Father’s Day to my brilliant father, with love from Alice


Published by Alice, What's The Matter?

Introvert. Online waffler. Breast cancer fighter. Dreamer. Maybe a writer, one day...

2 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day, Dad

  1. Hi darling,

    Love this poem. Have shared on a G+ post using “Alice”. Wasn’t sure if you wanted to be named.

    Lots of love xxx

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