We take care of our own

I worry about varying standards of healthcare. My Mum is currently having a course of chemo after discovering her second bout of breast cancer. She’s a healthy lady who doesn’t drink or smoke. She’s intelligent and she asks the right questions during appointments. My concern is that despite this, she’s receiving a very poor experience…More

(Update: I can’t go for that…) / The SCAR Project: VICTORY!

Originally posted on The Sarcastic Boob:
Some weeks ago, I initiated a Change.org petition to address what I thought were problems with Facebook’s policy regarding images of mastectomy.  A handful of images had been removed from The SCAR Project‘s page and the project’s founder, David Jay, was banned from posting for 30 days for being…

Red dragon tattoo

One of the scary things about having these new bumpers in front of me is that at some point I will be asked by the consultant (Mr J) to book myself in for a nipple reconstruction. I’ve talked about it before when I wrote the piece about Angelina Jolie. Of course Mr J is probably…More

Censoring mastectomy photos? I can’t go for that (No can do)

This year, worldwide, it is estimated that 1.5 million people will hear the news “You have breast cancer”. Breast cancer accounts for 22.9% of all cancer incidence globally and is the most common form of cancer in women under 50. About 5% of breast cancer diagnoses will be in women aged 30-40 years old. When…More

Grief is a Freight Train (a tribute to Jackie Rose)

This weekend was full of joy and laughter, campness and sunshine. This weekend was a celebration of life and an anniversary of sorts. You see, this time last year an amazing lady and a friend who I really only got to know in the last handful of years, lost her long-running battle with cancer. Luckily,…More