Girls just wanna have fun

In the last 12 months, I have definitely had more fun, felt more alive and been more “in the present” than in most of the previous 7 years. It all started with a conversation at lunch on New Year’s Eve 2012. A friend of mine (Kristy) and I were talking about our working lives and our…More

King of Pain

I have suffered problems with my periods and hormones since my early teens. Not just the usual period pain… Nooooo! The kind of pain that makes you not know where to put yourself, that makes you cry, and that makes you try sleeping with your legs resting up the wall or curled in a ball…More

In the waiting line

Now, they say protein is good for you, I don’t like that this one is not. CA-125 It doesn’t sound too scary but it is, to me It’s inaccurate and an inconclusive test and it makes me sad So I spend my time keeping myself occupied with my small projects and the chances are I…More

I really love my woolly hat

I really love my woolly hat I wore it during chemo to keep my bald head warm at night (It’s not my favourite green, though) It has the word “POW!” on the front which was a funny thing a friend of mine would say a lot when work was full of WIN. I had a…More

I got my mind set on you…

Cancer research and testing Whilst I would never want to be ignorant, the burden of knowing that I have the BRCA2 gene mutation weighs heavy on my mind. The decision that I am making about whether… or when to have a bilateral salpingo-oophrectomy is one that only a few years ago I probably wouldn’t have…More