(Update: I can’t go for that…) / The SCAR Project: VICTORY!

I was pleased to hear that The Sarcastic Boob’s petition on change.org had the effect she wanted.

Facebook’s policy on mastectomy photographs is now a lot clearer meaning that it’s less likely people will fall foul of the guidelines and post something that will get their page banned.

Facebook’s policy is here:

The Sarcastic Boob

Some weeks ago, I initiated a Change.org petition to address what I thought were problems with Facebook’s policy regarding images of mastectomy.  A handful of images had been removed from The SCAR Project‘s page and the project’s founder, David Jay, was banned from posting for 30 days for being in violation of Facebook’s terms of service.  In addition, some months ago Anne Marie Giannino-Otis faced a similar problem when she posted her own mastectomy images on Stupid Dumb Breast Cancer.

So many women have pages that help to educate women and men about the realities of breast cancer.  Each, in their own way, actively pushes against the pink tide that focuses solely on awareness and early detection and keeps the reality of what this disease does to so many.  But these images are vitally important in that each tells a story;  and as they do, they begin to…

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