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It occurs to me that despite the many challenges that life is throwing at me just recently, I am still really quite lucky. I’ve got through preventative chemo and am starting to feel better, and I’ve even been working since my last chemo (though I pretty much collapsed every evening after work those first few weeks!) I am so pleased that I’ve had the support and mental strength to get through it all. It could have been so much worse.

Proving this point extremely well, is another lady blogger who sounds like she’s going through a lot on an ongoing basis, and yet she sounds as upbeat and positive as I think it is possible to be in her situation. I’ve literally just found her blog tonight but she’s inspiring and she loves walks and photography as I do… So I wanted to introduce her to you.

She says:
“Taking photos during my nature walks has helped me get in touch with many unconscious emotions. A born optimist and pleaser, I tend to put on a happy face in an attempt to rise above my challenges. In some ways this has served me as an effective defense mechanism. I needed to believe I was more than my physical pain in order to survive.” – Robyn Lee .

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  1. Robyn Lee says:

    Alice, just wrote you over at my place – but a great big hug and thank you for featuring my story here on your beautiful blog. Very touched by this gesture. Yes — have had to find coping tools, and never realized how important the blogging would become to me. The creative process for me includes some poetry and other writings ~ along with the photography. It has all been a blessing, just as the amazing people I’ve met here at WordPress are. Again ~ Much Love and Healing wishes to you always — Robyn

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