What would we be without wishful thinking?

Fill up your mind with all it can know
Don’t forget that your body will let it all go
Fill up your mind with all it can know
What would we be without wishful thinking

Chambers of chains
With red plastic mouths
The inside of outside
No one has found
How to unring the bell
It’s just as well

Tuesday night was filled with hilarity when I went to the hairdressers in Biggleswade to try on various wigs. There were a number that I was on the fence about. And Naomi was happy to join me in trying them on – I think the blonde wig suited her far better than me though!

But then we got to try on some really special ones. The duck’s arse one is particularly moppish… and we nicknamed the short straw-like one the “Wurzel” – it has me in fits of giggles every time I see myself. Check these bad girls out!

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So I did actually buy a wig.

I have to keep it on a polystyrene head and spritz it with clothes conditioner and not get it near anything remotely warm let alone hot. But it does look pretty realistic!

My head has felt very strange this week. I don’t know if this is just me but when I have (er, actually, had) my hair tied back all day it feels very strange and like my scalp has been pulled out of shape, and it hurts for at least half an hour. Well… that’s how my hair feels all the time now. If the wind blows my hair it feels uncomfortable and dry and crispy. I know that crispy thing is probably my imagination, but that’s how it feels to me.

So here’s my wishful thinking… that this exercise of choosing and buying a wig will be like when you carry an umbrella round all day when there are clouds – you never actually end up needing it because it never actually rains that much.

Lyrics of “Wishful Thinking” by Jeff Tweedy  / Glenn Kotche (Wilco)