Dreams are like angels

A number of friends have told me that 2012 has honestly been the worst year of their life. They have lost family members, friends, partners or have in some way had a loss that has set them into emotional freefall. I have to say that it certainly ranks as one of the toughest for me…More

Pink moon is on its way

So this weekend’s been better than last. On Friday, I managed to nurse a pineapple juice and a water for an hour with the gang from work in the pub. On Saturday I… um… well I slept in a bit and I cooked up a steak ciabatta for tea. But that’s better than nowt. Then today… better…More

Despite all my rage…

Well, actually one positive thing to come out of the last 2 weeks of feeling poorly and grumpy is that I am now pretty angry, which should feed my creativity. I write poems when I’m angry or sad, and when it’s both, watch out. To top it all off, basically someone I care about, just provided…More

Sous le ciel de Paris

What an amazing few weeks! I had an extra week off after treatment number 4 – meaning I could have a week away in Paris, then a few days in Brighton at conferences and events, before having the first of 4 Taxotere treatments (once I’d finished enjoying myself – get the priorities straight, right?). Paris…More

I’m not scared

This week, I’ve been mostly worrying unhealthily (and unnecessarily) about cancer. What I did, and what I should not have done perhaps, is go reading blogs of other breast cancer fighters and get immersed in finding out their stories. And look at websites about what happens when cancer recurs. It’s all very scary and upsetting.…More