Slap headed

Today, with all those lovely ‘roids pumping around my body, I awoke at 5.30. Since I only managed to get to sleep at 1am I did think that was a little bit tight! But I was totally alert by 6.15 and I was up and rummaging around in the drawers, because part of the reason I couldn’t sleep was I had a PILLOWFULL of hair.

It was like sleeping on the back doormat or a wire-coated retriever. Not something to recommend! So I decided I’d had it with my remaining excuse for hair and it would be going this morning, no matter how shoddy the implement to do it with. As it is, I found some trimmers (hurray!) and set to work with them set on number 6, then 3, then 1… it was a bit tricky getting the back bits but I did the best I can until I can get someone else to neaten me up – preferably take it to a grade 0. 🙂

Bald, slap headed and hairless
bald he is destined to be
bald, well tonight thank God it’s him instead of me.

Lyrics by The Darkness