Shut your eyes

Shut your eyes, I spin the big chair

And you’ll feel dizzy, light and free

And falling gently on the cushion

You can come and sing to me

I’ve had some pretty strange dreams over the last few days.

In Saturday night’s dream, I was on a beach pottering about between rock pools. Most of my past and present work colleagues were there (?!) enjoying the sea and sunshine and indeed one of them was giving a lecture on how bad everybody else in the company is at their area of specialism.

Dream me felt compelled to point out that indeed wouldn’t it be better to stop complaining about that and explain to people how they can be better at it? Then I launched off into a pool which stretched some way in under the roof of a cave. In that pool, somehow people were able to float both in the water and also several feet above it in the mist around the cave entrance. Nice!

Just as I began to float in the air above the water I awoke.

On Monday morning I awoke from a dream whereby I was again in water, but this time had been tasked with sitting in a giant fish tank and was having to cut angelfish (quite flat ones) in half with a pair of scissors to kill them.

Lyrics courtesy of Snow Patrol