In the waiting line

Now, they say protein is good for you, I don’t like that this one is not. CA-125 It doesn’t sound too scary but it is, to me It’s inaccurate and an inconclusive test and it makes me sad So I spend my time keeping myself occupied with my small projects and the chances are I…More

I got my mind set on you…

Cancer research and testing Whilst I would never want to be ignorant, the burden of knowing that I have the BRCA2 gene mutation weighs heavy on my mind. The decision that I am making about whether… or when to have a bilateral salpingo-oophrectomy is one that only a few years ago I probably wouldn’t have…More

We take care of our own

I worry about varying standards of healthcare. My Mum is currently having a course of chemo after discovering her second bout of breast cancer. She’s a healthy lady who doesn’t drink or smoke. She’s intelligent and she asks the right questions during appointments. My concern is that despite this, she’s receiving a very poor experience…More

Red dragon tattoo

One of the scary things about having these new bumpers in front of me is that at some point I will be asked by the consultant (Mr J) to book myself in for a nipple reconstruction. I’ve talked about it before when I wrote the piece about Angelina Jolie. Of course Mr J is probably…More

Censoring mastectomy photos? I can’t go for that (No can do)

This year, worldwide, it is estimated that 1.5 million people will hear the news “You have breast cancer”. Breast cancer accounts for 22.9% of all cancer incidence globally and is the most common form of cancer in women under 50. About 5% of breast cancer diagnoses will be in women aged 30-40 years old. When…More