Build me up, Buttercup

People have been very nice to me with lots of cards and flowers and so on arriving. A lily arrangement in a pot with a balloon arrived on Saturday lunchtime. Shortly after that, I had a parcel containing a Peepster Selection of chocolate from Hotel Chocolat. Those were from my dog, or so says the…More


When I was younger, so much younger than today, I never needed anybody’s help in any way. Today’s been strange. I do feel a little bit like a fraud as for the most part I feel quite alright. Every so often my arm feels stiff and my breast pounds almost like it has a memory…More

Can I get a witness?

Bugger. When I cleverly got my will together earlier in the week and had it posted to me in good time the one thing I didn’t think of was witnesses. It’s all very well having a will but until someone who’s not a beneficiary signs to say they witness my signature on the will, it…More

Don’t look back in anger

Five weeks ago I found a lump. It happened when I was awoken from my slumbers by a sneeze and realised I had managed to go to sleep with my arm under me. As I shifted around and grumbled about my numb arm, I noticed something else. Lumps aren’t generally bad when they are lumps…More