I’m not scared

This week, I’ve been mostly worrying unhealthily (and unnecessarily) about cancer. What I did, and what I should not have done perhaps, is go reading blogs of other breast cancer fighters and get immersed in finding out their stories. And look at websites about what happens when cancer recurs. It’s all very scary and upsetting.…More

Forget what we’re told

Today was the day I had the news about me that I neither wanted nor was really expecting. After all, most of the conversations up until that point had been about a surprise that my tumour was anything but benign in the first place, and certainly the node biopsies had been negative. But no. I…More

Being Boring

I’ve had a bit of time to myself today. I read a book, watched some TV, and pottered about – but I’ve been a bit fidgety. I had a visit at lunchtime for a few minutes from someone I’ve not kept in touch with as much as I’d like but who has been a big part…More

Don’t look back in anger

Five weeks ago I found a lump. It happened when I was awoken from my slumbers by a sneeze and realised I had managed to go to sleep with my arm under me. As I shifted around and grumbled about my numb arm, I noticed something else. Lumps aren’t generally bad when they are lumps…More